Walking with God.

Genesis 5:24

Enoch walked steadily with God. And then one day he was simply gone: God took him.

In this day back then age it was very corrupt and wicked. It was only a couple generation until Noah. So you can imagine how faithful Enoch must have been.

But while pondering on this verse I asked the question what if God said that about us. Wouldn’t that be awesome? If Enoch walked steadily with God so can we. We can walk in consistent commune with Christ now we are born again. Maybe God took Enoch because he walked in a future glory and that wouldn’t be good if he taught all to walk with God, with sin still not paid for yet. Or maybe God just loved Him. Maybe he knew too much so God took him. Who knows?

I believe he walked, as we can walk now. We can walk like that now. Because the rapture could happen any minute and we be taken up. Isn’t that what’s being taken by God means. God wants us to walk steadily with Him now. The word steadily means continually or in an unwavering manner. You would agree if you are a believer, that you would want to walk steadily with him too.

How can we walk steadily with God? A couple of points would be.

  • Pray unceasingly

  • Wait upon the lord to hear His voice

  • Read His word the bible

  • Apply His word to your life

  • Obey his voice when he speaks to you

  • Step out in faith

These are just a few things you can do. You are sure to walk with Him when doing these things. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know God so well that he took you? I say that is what lovers are like. They get to know each other very well. That’s what God wants from us. To be lovers and friends. Treat him like your lover or friend today. He is waiting for your communion.