Heaven’s Help

🙏A encouragement from God from my devotions today. What I sensed Him saying from scripture 🙏 (scriptures at the end)

My plan’s cannot be stopped. So don’t worry my child. I am right here in every moment with you. You are not alone I’m right beside you. I’m present here and now and I always will be.

I see you and everything. I will restore double to you. Restoration is coming! Increase is coming! You are fruitful, and will be fruitful, and increase. The more trouble you receive the more I will bless you.

Protect the dreams in your heart, hide them in me. As they will be for an appointed time that is to come forth. I have called your name you are mine for I have called you. Your place of calling is a Holy calling so take off your shoes because you’re on holy ground. You are in the presence of greatness, I am big and I have loved you. I will do it.

I have seen your trouble and affliction and those who lorded it over you. I am coming to deliver you and give you help. I’m about to position the right people in your path to be a part of your freedom, vindication and restoration.

I am going to bring you into a place of abundance with no lack. A place so fat you will have abundance to share. A land flowing with milk and honey. I AM the I AM, remember this. I’m here, I’m not in yesterday, I’m not in tomorrow. I’m right here now with you. I’m big.

The enemy will resist you as I deliver you into the new, but I’ve made allowances for that and he will have to turn around and bless you. You will come out with abundance and blessing. More than you can contain, it will make your head swell and be in wonder of me. My mighty hand will deliver you and deal with your adversaries.

You just use what is in your hand, because I’m building a mighty army in the hand of the Lord. You may think what is in your hand is insignificant, but I will use your little and make it supernatural. It will bring glory to me. I am the God of the impossible. I can do the impossible. Watch me use your little, just trust me. It will bring all glory to me.

Know that I am your father and I am strong and nothing will stop my plans for you. No one can stand up against me. I’m your Redeemer. I love you!❤️❤️❤️

Job 42, Exodus 1,2,3,4, Proverb 23:10-11

Read the word for yourself. Much ❤️❤️