Releasing the next generation. Being a good mum.

John 2: 2-5

When they started running low on wine at the wedding banquet, Jesus’ mother told him, “They’re just about out of wine.”

4 Jesus said, “Is that any of our business, Mother—yours or mine? This isn’t my time. Don’t push me.”

5 She went ahead anyway, telling the servants, “Whatever he tells you, do it.”

It stuck out to me today that Mary amazing calling in life was to raise the son of God. So you could imagine her special heart watching over this time in secret with God. And now He is 30 and they have a need at this wedding and she pushes her son forward to help them. She was really encouraging him you would say. Everyone needs encouragement and a mother who encourages them. I believe we can learn a lot from Mary.

If we would see God in our children and encourage them and release them, our children will do amazing things for the Lord. Everyone needs a mother who pushes them forward and activates them in God and the miraculous. Will you be that one who does that with those you mother or father? Even with spiritual children to. Lets release this next powerful generation.

Lets learn from Mary and do likewise.