He is trustworthy

Proverbs 28:25b

Trust in God brings a sense of well being.

I for one have struggled with trust in the past. Because of my decisions and experiences. But one thing God has really let me know is. He is faithful and reliable. Just think for a moment. How much has God confirmed His word or encouraged you over your time of being a Christian. Has He every failed you in anything? Your answer is probably no. In fact people may have failed you but God has not. He is the perfect person to put your trust in. And He is big enough for you to trust in to.

You may not understand what he is doing sometimes, but you can trust Him to not let you down. You watch how your love and peace change as you rest in trust with God. Make a list of all the times He has encouraged you in and came through for you in. And make a quality decision that Jesus is reliable. His love is unconditional and faithful.

Once you realize that He is faithful you will experience a sense of well being. His word says so. Plus you will know your not alone and you have the biggest help anyone could ask for. Bring your concerns and request to Him and watch how He takes care of everyone of your needs. If you struggle with trust make your request and watch as He proves Himself faithful to you. You wont be let down.