Pure Love

Proverbs 22:11

One who loves a pure heart and who speaks with grace will have the king for a friend.

This morning the Lord highlighted this verse to me. It’s a favorite of mine and as you can see, that, in the New Testament it say similar. Only it says “the pure in heart will see God”.

God is causing such purity in the body of Christ right now. Because Father, Son and Holy Spirit are supremely pure. They are Pure Love, Love, Love. Unadulterated love. His love is so different to man’s and the world’s. Gods love has no strings attached to it. Its because, God is Love. It is who He is. I believe a revelation of this unquenchable love is coming into the church again and God is also going to the world with this amazing love. It’s extravagant and wild and uncontrollable. It has no limits; its not retrained and nothing can stand against it. “Its Pure Love!” The love that went to the cross for you!! The “love” that has now “resurrected and is unstoppable”. This Love you will know, this love will stand out.

This love is so seasoned with grace and has no string attached that everyone who receives Him and walks as He is, “will have Christ as there friend”. It is and will be the most holy and most beautiful of relationship’s. Almost like a sweet dance with your bridegroom I imagine it to be. Such a relaxing, trust in this beautiful love feast with your Pure King.

The tainted wont “last” in this love feast, but God wont stop there. No He is going to love you until you have given up all “taintedness and compromise” and replace with the “desire” of Him. You will be lovesick for Him. He will be your closest friend. And you will do many great things for Him, because He is the king and has given you the authority to do those things. As you have come under Him.

This pure relationship even bridal waltz will bring many to Him, as you shine with His radiant Love, “even from your face”. “People can tell, that your in love”. Its will be the glow of Love!! The glow of the Glory king being with you, and you being one with Him. You will have the king as your friend. Holding hands you will walk, sing, dance, and even run together. This blissfulness is your today as you come unto Him and seek this pure Holy One and Love. His name is Jesus. Your lover of your Soul. Come to Him. He loves you.