Where did Jesus get His strength from?

Luke 5:16

But despite Jesus instructions, the report of his power spread even faster, and vast crowds came to hear Him preach and to be healed of all diseases. But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.

I believe Jesus got his strength from the secret place from the father. As you see above, Jesus was getting very famous you could say. You don’t see Him getting more busy and lapping up the opportunity to preach. You don't se Him getting caught up in the image of it all. No! I believe He is our example on how to sustain a place of influence, and it not by taking on more speaking engagements and working only harder.

Jesus would not have been about to sustain what he was called to if he didn’t withdraw into the secret place often. That was His secret for success. It was to spend time with the father even while He getting more busy. I suppose it’s about keeping the main thing, "the main thing". God is the main thing, Jesus is the main Thing. And it all about Him, not the fame, not the influence, not the power. If you loss your secret place you will very quickly lose your strength. As it all about following Him. And doing what you do, drawing from Him.

Yes! Reach people! Yes! Love them well. In doing that, remain faithful to put God first in your own life, or else you may end up having nothing to give and just get burnt out. Don't get caught up in the fame of it all and lose your secret place. He loves you to much to share your affection with others or distractions. He is jealous for your time to.

Follow Jesus example today and spend time with the father. Like many are saying, fruitfulness comes from intimacy. And its certainly right.

Ps If you wait upon the Lord you will always renew your strength too. Isaiah 40:31