The Lord is my light. Psalms 27

Do you know the power you have in you? Well if you are in Christ you have God on the inside of you. And God is your light and your salvation like Psalms 27 says. No matter what path you walk on, if your in Christ you do not have to fear cause God is with you.

That sounds like awesome security doesn't it. In fact God is never going to leave you if you are His child. You have a eternal covenant with Him that He take seriously. He said never will i leave you or forsake you, no never.

But to take it to another level, if God is in you and you have darkness around you, is the darkness able to overtake the light? Of course not. When you turn on the light the darkness disappears right? In Isaiah 61 it says Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. So God doesn't want us walking around with our head looking at the ground. No we can get happy cause our light and king has came and thats great new! God wants us to be so confident in the Lord that we arise and shine in all situations. When we shine and know and believe the light that is in us now, we can have confidence that all death and darkness has to flee from our presence. That is how strong the light is, it expels all darkness, and the darkness can not put it out.

Sometime you may feel in the dark but the truth is that you have the living God on the inside who will never leave and is faithful to get you to the right path in life for you and keep you there. You only need to trust, believe and listen to him. God gives hope in all circumstances because the darkness could not defeat him. The devil tried but lost for all eternity, so the enemy is freaked out because of God. But you dear children do not need to fear because God is always on your side and now that you in him, your in the light and the darkness can not touch you. The enemy flee from you in terror. Jesus is the light and the truth and when you know the truths of His promises to you and who you are now in him. You will never have to worry again or fear because God perfect love for you will secure you in His faithfulness to alway say true to His promises towards you and God does not lie. So i say Arise and Shine for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

Isaiah 61, Psalms 27, John 1, Psalms 91, I john 4.