Engaging children with prayer

Jesus said that you need to become like a little child to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Hmmm. Do you wonder why? Well look at children, they don't have a worry, they always trust and believe, they are always dependent, they always believe the best of everyone and they are completely honest.

These are only a few things of children I can point out now. I myself have 4 beautiful children. They truly are a gift from God. Everyday they bring joy to my heart. To be honest they teach me so much.

I really love how children really are just themselves, They are not trying to be anyone else. I love how kids are like that. If only all adults could be as free and confident and secure in who they are as children are. You see i believe Jesus just wants us to come to him with this beautiful child like faith.

And by the way have you ever noticed that a lot of kids just think their dads are awesome? I think children have a good view generally with their dads. I think God really wants us to see him as a wonderful father just like kids often view their fathers. Faith works by love and it needs to come out of a knowing of God the fathers love for you.

On topic though, children's faith is so amazing. They just believe whatever you tell them. My heart cry is that the children never lost that trust and real faith. We could change a nation or a generation if we could raise up our children to keep this belief mixed with God amazing tangible love. So what can we do to do that?

I believe one thing we can do is actively engaging our children in prayer daily. Give them a love for prayer and the presence of God from a young age.

The bible says Taste and see that the Lord is good. If we could only impart how wonderful Jesus is to them at a little age. We could create a hunger that could change the world and influence there generation. Its our responsibility to install God into our children. The bible is very big on us teaching our children and even sharing testimonies with them. So i encourage you today, seek the Lord on how you can engage your child in prayer and devotion. It will change your life to as you see the Lord build them up and use them with you to.

Lets prayer for our children to, that the wind of the Holy Spirit never stops blowing on them and would ignite and keep a fire in them, that will influence the world and the world would not influence them.