Keep on pressing in after your Breakthrough

Exodus 15:22

Then Mose lead Israel from the Red Sea and they went into the Desert of Shur. For three days they traveled in the desert without finding water.

This beautiful scripture is written right after the Isrealites were delivered out of Egypt through the Red Sea. But as you can see, after an amazing deliverance, there was a definite hardship. They couldn't find water for 3 days.

Could you imagine how they felt? It would of been discouraging im sure, even confusing. It was definitely a test. But quite often, this exact same thing happens after most breakthroughs. You may go through a drought. And i’m sure it’s to test where your faith is at or your heart. Will you keep the faith?.....

The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy, and especially after a breakthrough. He doesn't want you to keep it. He most likely, will come to try and take the land back. But you need to not be ignorant of his schemes. Be prepared. Put your fight on after your breakthrough too.

I heard Benny Hinn say years ago, and it was a word in season, that you need to pray. Just as much after a victory as you did before it. I believe this is good wisdom.

You see after the Isrealites were delivered they hit this drought, and we know, in the end, they murmured,complained etc. It didn't go well for them. You got to keep the faith even in difficulty. That is where God wants to give you more!

So my encouragement to you today is, don't be discouraged after a breakthrough if it gets difficult. Just press in more, because your about to keep your breakthrough and get even more. So pray, worship, decree whatever it takes, just keep pressing in… Victory is yours!!!