Psalms 68:11

The Lord gives the word (of power); the women who bear and publish (the news) are a great host.

(I don’t usually write things directed at women only, but this was in my devotions today and I thought it was worth the mention. Men I also have an encouragement for you too)

There is a “power” women’s movement arising on the earth at the moment. And God is putting His word in there mouths. I believe women are going to be used in the most amazing ways in these last days. The oppression of years gone has not been wasted. I believe it has forged, and formed a compassionate, militant, justice and a loving woman in the process.

There is a great host of women that are going to come to the forefront, in all of the 5 fold ministries in this season. I also see many women evangelist going out into all spheres of influence, with a unashamed contagious love for others. There will be a great heralding in of many, through them.

But don’t worry Men. We will definitely being running with you. We can’t do our jobs without still honoring the covering God’s given us. But I will say, there will have to be openness with the men in this season, that a woman may have the word of the Lord for you….

We are no higher or no lesser. We will just be running together.

I’m exciting as I sense what God is going to do, with this force to be reckon with. With both the sons and daughters running together. Arise women, arise men! This is our time to shine Jesus together…

Ps. I’m aware that others have shared words about this of late. I have not intention of copying. Just that this was my bible reading today and I think this is on God heart too. Blessings