Be wise……

God spoke to me while bush walking yesterday, and I believe it is a word of wisdom for some.

As you can imagine doing a long walk with little kids can be tense. Especially when we are walking on very narrow paths with cliff edges. It even had warning signs to let us know to be careful.

I asked the Lord what he was saying while we were walking and to my surprise He spoke to me through what we were doing. You see, God never asks you to do anything remoting dangerous unless you walk in obedience. I noticed this with my kids. I was constantly keeping them away from danger with my voice. If my kids had been disobedient kids, it would not have been good for them.

In fact as a parent you would never take disobedient kids on a dangerous walk. And this had me thinking. Many times people think they are ready to do some things for the Lord, like going into dangerous places or places where they could be tempted. But if the person going has not learnt Gods voice yet, or to obey Him this could be a very dangerous situation.

Ever time I brought a warning to my kids they heeded it straight away. I constantly watched over them the whole time. But imagine if my kids couldn’t hear me? Or they wanted to what they wanted? As kids they don’t know the danger of things but me being the parent see the bigger picture. This is how it is with God to. We need to not only hear His voice but also obey it.

Now for some of you, God has called you to maybe minister to Gangs, Drug addicts, Criminals, Tribes, Muslims or maybe do into war torn areas. But as a parent I want to give you a warning. Don’t rush the process.. If you cant hear God in the little thing and obey Him? How will you in difficult situations? My encouragement to you is to get to know Gods voice and obey it. “As He is able to keep you for falling”..

God will have some of you go to the darkest places but remember to be faithful with the little in your life now. So you can really do damage to the enemy when God releases you…