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Prophetic Word

On the 7 of the 7month 2018 God spoke to me and said “He is coming to defend and contend for Australia and His people” Defend meaning: • resisting the attack made on his people and Australia. • He is protecting them from harm and danger. • He is protecting, guarding, safeguarding His people and His nation. • He is hearing our prayers. • He will preserve, secure His promises for his people and this land. • He will shield and shelter this nation. He also spoke to me about the word secure, and it means; • Fixed or fastened, so as not to give way or become loose or lost. I felt this directly to His promises to you and this nation. Jesus has secured them.. • He will uphold, support and cover this nation and its people because this is the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.. His promises are FIXED… Our prayers for our nation is holding back the enemy and locking him out. It is also shutting doors to the enemy in our nation and your life.. Keep praying and be encouraged…. He is on Australia’s side and watching over it and defending this land, it will be filled with His Glory… I heard the Lord say He is “speaking and writing in favour of Christians in Australia. I am making a case for, standing up for, sticking up for and championing His people and Gods cause in this land….Vindication is coming…. Jesus is coming to your defense and He is sustaining you in the fight… What I wrote when I got this word was, God will compete to retain a seat and Title in the election and bills in this land, He is placing people in position for the come back. There will be a checkmate”.. Funny now we have a Christian Prime Minister.. God is conducting this case of injustice in the land and He is competing with our enemies.. He is going Head to Head and He will win… God is challenging the enemy.. There will be a glorious Victory with God answering by fire in this land… God will hold, claim and maintain His territory.. He is insisting, stating and declaring that Australia belongs to the Lord. Pronouncing Australia will be saved.. Affirming God will come as the King of Glory of heaven and Earth… Be encouraged Church cause the enemy is defeated and this is a glorious season to be alive… Rejoice, sing and keep praying victory belongs to the Lord…