Revelation Knowledge

Proverb 24:5

Wisdom can make anyone into a mighty warrior, and revelation knowledge increases strength.

Hmmm. Revelation knowledge? Sounds great doesn’t it. Who here, reading this, has ever had a word from the Lord and then all of a sudden, everything that was coming against you broke and you finally had strength to do God’s will? Well that is what revelation Knowledge will do.

We need daily bread, just like the Lords prayers says. And that is not just food but spiritual food. Man should not live on bread alone but ever word that comes from the mouth of God. See? A word from God is crucial for growth and increase in strength. We all need revelation knowledge.

So how do you get revelation knowledge? By seeking God! Through the word, prayer, maybe a good teaching or God can speak to you through life. (Like a sign). But most important is reading the word of God. But you don’t just need the logos word (the written word) but you need the rhema word (revelation Knowledge or spoken word). You need the spoken word to you, your personal word from the word of God that gives strength.

So if you’re down on strength today? I encourage you to seek God in these ways, especially reading His word. God will speak to you by inspiration and you will have the strength you need to finish your race well. Remember God is always with you and one way you can experience Him is through spending time with Him in His word and prayer. I dare you to seek Him today. You will get the revelation knowledge you need to go forward for God. God is waiting for you to dine with Him. So take some time to do it today, get the revelation knowledge you need. xx