Friendship is a Gift

Proverbs 17:9

Overlook an offense and keep the bond of friendship.

Here is a good piece of wisdom. Every now and again, “well it is possible” a friend may let you down in some way. Now here is a scripture you are going to need if that should happen. The bible says we should overlook offense when it comes to a friend. We must remember that no one has ever been perfect so we need to give grace for others slip-ups.

I have found that when you do that sometime your friendship can become a whole lot closer. Remember sometime if you look at your situation, it may only be a very small thing you’re upset over. It’s definitely not worth losing a friend over. Sometime emotions can get in the way and exaggerate the situation.

Friendships are something special from God, and they are like a gift from Him. They are worth looking after. Sometime a friend is all you have besides Jesus. Friendship is a God idea as God was the first to be Adams friend. He was also a friend to Moses to. If you have a handful of Friends, you are a very rich person. Look after those friendships and cherish them, as you never know when you may need a friend.