Your enemies are sent packing!!!

Micah 5:6

And if some bullying Assyrian shows up, invades and violates our lands don’t worry. We’ll put him in his place, send him packing and watch his every move.

(b)Our Sheppard ruler will save us from old or new enemies, from anyone who invades or violates our land.

This sounds like some awesome protection here. Have you ever had some enemies? Whether you have had an old enemy or a new one, you are safe in Gods protection. It can’t touch you. God will send them packing!! Amen. Is that Good News for you?

What do enemies look like? Well they could be a struggle you have had or a problem you have been facing now. With yourself or a family member. God here says, “These things will get sent packing!!!” Well you could say but God is talking to the Israelites here? Yes he is, but this is God’s heart and nature here. He is showing that He is our defender, forever. He really is that Good.

God’s nature doesn’t change. He protects his children. What ever you have been struggling with in your life. Apply this promise from God to it, and rest assured, that God is going to send that issue packing! Whether it is an old issue or a new issue. God is going to defend you in this. Rest assured in His promise. He really is that good. He was to the Israelites and He will be to you to.