Look after His testimony in your life!

I was listening to the old testament the other day and I couldn’t help but notice that God assigned people to look after the Testimony. I believe the testimony was the tent of the tabernacle which housed the manna, commandments etc.

It occurred to me how important it is to steward well what God does in your life. God was really intentional, and found it important to have people look after well the proof of what God has done. I suppose if you want something to last long,  you need to protect it and look after it. Do you want to last long? Well, I believe there is power in your testimony.

  • Remember it,

  • go over it regularly

  • and Share it regularly.

It is very important to God for you to steward all His testimonies in your life well. Could it be that if we keep remembering what God has done, it will leave no room for the devil to discourage or make you backslide or go astray.

The testimony is powerful. God will do it again all the miraculous! If He has got you through it before, He will do it again. Remember His majesty, it is marvelous!! Faith comes by remembering to. Feasting on what God has done and is doing is like you feasting at God’s table, in the presence of your enemies. Get lost in His fellowship today.

Get busy protecting your testimony. You wont be disappointed but very encouraged. Assign time in your day or week, just to go over and remember all God has done for you. It will keep you strong and active in Jesus and a overcomer. Also, dream a little while, while you are at it. Be hopeful of good expectation of good things to come. It will surely happen. Your have an awesome testimony. You overcome the enemy with it to. Go for it and remember!!