What you meditate on, is what you will multiple.

Genesis 30: 37-39

37 Now Jacob took for himself rods of green poplar and of the almond and chestnut trees, peeled white strips in them, and exposed the white which was in the rods. 38 And the rods which he had peeled, he set before the flocks in the gutters, in the watering troughs where the flocks came to drink, so that they should conceive when they came to drink. 39 So the flocks conceived before the rods, and the flocks brought forth streaked, speckled, and spotted.

Jacob was on to something when he put the streaked wood before the eating and mating troughs of the animals. What you behold is what you become! What you meditate on is what you will multiple. Why don’t you practice meditating on the promises of God this day. Imagine yourself walking in your calling and destiny, filled with the fullness of God. What you mediate on is what you will multiple. Start dreaming the dreams of God. It will manifest and multiply in your life.

Your imagination is to be filled with light and all the fullness of God. Start using your imagination for God realities and dreams. You will see it all multiple before you. Dream big!!