A prophetic word.... A quick work and a fusion together for unity.

The lord has been highlighting the word swift to me for a while now. I I hear the Lord saying that things are going to happen so quickly in this season with God. He is redeeming lost things, lost time and lost opportunities.

He is doing a quick work in his believers because there is a quick work to be done.

This new language of the spirit you could say, and fast work is going to be easy to step into and you will hear easily what the Lord would have for you. It will be a easy thing because there is a big harvest to catch and you need to quickly flow with Him. And that, you will!

I get the word fusion as well. I believe God is bring such a unity and fusion and healing to the body in this time to, so we can be of one heart and one accord again. It’s focused for the harvest. God’s heart is very much for the lost. God is healing broken relationships and healing old wounds, where you wont even remember the hurt or pain any longer. It will be gone. This will happen as you get in your lane and your calling and move with His spirit. It will be a wild and triumphant ride into His glory and on His glory and for his Glory. Get ready, Stay ready and get others ready.