Power to use His name

Matthew 10:1

And he called to him his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every affliction.

If you’re a believer today, God has called you and given you authority in His name. This is what I have learnt lately is that, if I am submitted to Jesus, then He has given me the authority to uses His name to do His business.

You see, the authority does not come from me. No, it come from being His child and Him given me the authority to use His name. He has given me all authority over sickness, disease, death and all the devil throws at us.

We are no longer alone or defeated. Absolutely not!! We have the authority of our Dad and Lord Jesus. The bible actually says that nothing can touch us when we are in His light. It makes sense, Right? If you turn on a light all darkness disappears, right? How much darkness is left? None right. Unless, your light in you is darkness?

Are you living up to the gospel truth? Are you living according to Jesus standard? Because if you are, you have all authority in Him. If you aren’t living right, then the devil has reason to attack you because of the darkness in you and that will attack your authority in Christ. Jesus had authority cause he had nothing in common with the enemy. Do you have anything in common with the enemy? If so repent, ask for forgiven and strength to live for Jesus from now on. If you confess your sins he is faithful and just to forgive you your sins the word of God says. So receive it by faith and walk on into the light today.

There are people God wants to uses you to reach today and you need to be in the light and know you have Jesus power to use his name. He is sending you today. Be bold and pray for someone using Jesus name. All darkness will flee as you use the authority and name Jesus gave to you. They will get healed in Christ because Jesus has given you this authority in Him today. God Bless and praying you are used in Him powerfully to bring people to Christ