The pure go straight ahead.

Proverbs 21:8

Mixed motives twist life into tangles;

pure motives take you straight down the road.

There is much talk of keeping pure atm. Well lets face it, if you don’t you wont see God. The bible says the pure heart will see God, and who may ascend the hill of the Lord? Only those with clean hands and pure heart.

So mixed motives will definitely twist your life into tangles. The moment you realize you have them, it best to start untangling your life straight away with Jesus. You don’t want to be a tangled mess and end up being deceived by it. Often mixed motives can get you deceived. You could say, “I don’t deserve to be treated like that”, so there I have an excuse to stay where I am.

Don’t go for excuses in life, they only keep you in your mess. The best thing is to fact up to the truth and start changing you heart to line up with truth. Yes, even if it hurts! Its not always easy but you will be a better person also. Often those caught in wrong motives are missing something and deep down and they know.

So get honest with God with all your mess if this speaks to you, because God already knows all your stuff anyway! He is the only one that can lead us in truth and untangle our mess. Holy spirit is your best friend and comforter. When you do this you will be free with nothing hanging over your back, and it will take you straight ahead. You will find yourself being promoted for the right reasons, not the wrong. This is the true way to success.

This has always such with me. “If someone get to a place of influence not by consistent love, you never really succeed anyway”. Keeping pure is the only way. Purity looks like perfect love, it looks like Jesus. So definitely keep your love on. Agape, unconditional love.