Everything with a place and purpose!

Proverbs 16:4a

God made everything with a place and purpose.

I love God and His sovereignty. Yesterday at church a prophetic word came out about us as a body getting into rank upon rank and going forward side by side. In other words, every one knowing their part, doing it and going forward together in unity.

As you can see, (scripture above) my reading for that day was exactly that! Not only in my Proverbs but also in my reading of the bible in chronological order. I was up to the end of Nehemiah and it is all about people being in their certain places and positions in the temple, to serve the Lord. I thought, "this is the word of the Lord"! I know God is for reading His word systemically because He gives me the word of the Lord everyday. He seriously does give me a word or strategy!

Well apart from the confirmation, while listening to Nehemiah especially 12-13, I discovered that there were people that were assigned to be worshippers in the temple, others to guard the safety of the temple and gates, and even people to look after presenting the bread. Interest hey, did you know that there are people just called to worship? Or just called to serve at tables so to speak, like what they did in the Acts ch6? You may feel called to pray for the safety of the church or for a certain people group. Not everyone is called to be like a Billy Graham if you know who he is. He is a world wide Preacher/evangelist. There are people called to just serve at tables in the house of God and that position is just as important as every other service.

So I believe it is very true that the Lord wants his people to know their place and purpose. As a body, we would not be able to function properly if everyone was a preacher and there was no one to just feed the people and meet there needs. We are one body which functions and moves powerfully when all the parts work together. Now, I’m not saying that a preacher shouldn’t help people and not feed people to. No. Because real love is an action not just words. But what I am saying is this, everyone just needs to know where he or she are called to and do it. There are no better positions in the kingdom they are all service to God, not to self-glory “when done with the right motive”.

I am reminded just now of a scripture in 2 Tim 2:21 and it is about vessels in a house, some less expensive and others that are more expensive and for noble use. In that scripture Paul’s says that we should cleanse ourselves from the iniquity and uncleanness. I believe that represents worldliness and comparisons to. If you do this you will be a vessel for noble use, “well of great expense”. So what is he saying? Everyone is called to a noble calling and everyone gets the same opportunity. Every job is a noble job and especially the things that know one sees. Those ones, done in secret get and deserve more honors to.

I believe it is time to get serious with God and seek Him for your part on this earth. Your part won’t look like everybody else’s. Your calling is unique so there is no need to compete or try and copy someone else’s. Jesus has a fresh unique calling for you. Seek Him in His word and prayer and He will show you what it is. Or seek a leader to help you point it out too. You may have a prophecy already, just ready to activate in your life. Quite often you can discover what you’re called to if you ask yourself these few questions.

1. What am I passionate about?

God has wired you already for your calling and your passion can show you what you would love to do

2. What makes me cry?

What moves your heart and makes you cry is what you have a heart of God for. And everything needs to be done from the heart of God. You’re called to make a change in that area.

3. What do I hate?

What you hate is often what God wants you to be the solution for and pray into. Ask yourself these few question and you sure to discover what he put you here for.