God uses you where you are at!

Judges 6:14

The Lord turned to him and said, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of the Median’s hands. Am I not sending you?”

This is a wonderful thing that the Lord told Gideon. In it you realize that the Lord doesn’t require of you anything that you don’t already possess. Obviously Gideon didn’t think he was strong enough to defeat the Median’s but God said that the strength that he had was enough.

Isn’t that wonderful to know, that the God of the universe, when he asks something from you to do he says “go in the strength you have”, knowing that if he asks it of you, then you have the strength to do it.

Even if you think you don’t have that strength or ability like Gideon did. You can count that if he has made a promise to you in life, then he has already given you the ability to do it. He wouldn’t have asked or promised it if he knew you couldn’t deliver on it.

Isn’t that wonderful to know we have a God who believes in us? I can share personally from experience that God believes in you more then anyone, even more then you believe in yourself. God sometimes throws you in the deep end in life, and it's not because He is cruel but because He knows how much you can actually achieve, handle and overcome. He believes in you more then you think. He is your best cheerleader and proud Dad on the sideline of life saying, “that’s my son or daughter, look at them go”

He loves your wholeheartedness and your willingness to risk, jump and obey Him even when you have felt feeble. He isn’t shocked by your fumbling’s, No! He just says, “It doesn’t matter, Get back up, you still got this, remember I promised”

You may not think you have it in you, but the Lord says, Go in the strength you have and save Israel from the median’s hand. Am I not sending? Ps. He chooses you for the mission. You can do it!