There are angels among us

Have you ever wondered if angels are real? They are kinder like God, they are there but you can't see them. Its true they really are there... You can sometimes feel them with you to. Some people have seen them in there dreams and in the natural. I have seen them in the spirit very often and heard there activity and even once heard one speak to me.

You may think I'm crazy, but the truth is i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for God's angelic protection on my life. And thats serious! I once was in a very dangerous sitution. My kids and my life were in danger and all of a sudden my daughter told me that her angels were here. Boy did that bring me a lot of peace and saved our lives. I knew there was a God in heaven who cared and was looking out for me. It changed the whole situation.

On many occasions now i have seen them in the spirit, heard or felt the presences of angels. It is true. God loves us as believers and he gives us angelic protection all the time. You may not feel anything at all but they are there. We don't worship them at all but i tell you, I'm thankful God has a whole army of them fighting for us and for those who will inherit salvation every moment.

Psalms 91 is all about Gods angelic protection on our lives. He says that they will bear you up lets you dash our foot against a stone. So they are active to keep us from harm.

When we believe the word and speak the word the angels attend to his word to preform it. God loves hearing us speak his word back to him, plus when we hear his word it build our faith to.

So whatever you are going through, remember you are not alone and God has sent his angelic host to always look after you. Read Psalm 91 today and be encourage that God is for you and has you covered. Even covered by his angelic protection. I will share some more testimonies of angelic encounters through page at time. Only because i want you to know God is real and so are his angel and Jesus loves you.