Beautifully Free

Beauty. I believe that we are never more beautiful as when we are like these beautiful roses are. These roses are not stressed or trying to be something it is not. They are not trying to be beautiful, they are just resting in who they are being themselves and naturally enjoying there beauty by growing and producing. They are just rested in being themselves without a care in the world. Jesus drew an analogy from the flower when he was addressing worries of this life. Jesus said you don't see a flower stressing or toiling for its clothes or food. No. And how much more valuable are we to God. God loves us way more then the flowers so don't you think he will look after us way more. When we are rested in our fathers love and faithfulness, he looks after us and we are secure in that, we are just like this beautiful roses. We are never more beautiful then when we are at peace with our Father.

When we are at rest with him, their is an aroma and a scent we send off, as people who are attracted to our composure in a world full of worries and uncertainty. You see when you place yourself in the hands of God and trust in him and rest in him, you are living in a higher rhelm then this rhelm. Its called the rhelm of faith. When your in faith you have a wonderful expantion of good, people like this even age slower and live longer. You are not living under anything in life, but in fact you are living above the circumstances. You know, what ever happens, your father already knew and has a plan for you. You don't even have to know the plan you just have to rest knowing God has already been where your going and has a plan for provision. Look at the flowers, they are not stressed or in an identity crisis ever. They just trust and their beauty is seen for all to notice. This is how we need to be. God loves us way more then the flowers and birds and looks after them. Know that God is going to look after you. You never need to worry. Gods already been to your tomorrow. He knows everything. Shine your beauty and release Christs fragrance wherever you go, by resting in him and trusting him for everthing. People will notice how your different.