The alter of your heart

I have a very important question for you. Who or what is on the alter of your heart? What do you mean by that you may say? What i mean is, who or what is the thing you spend most your life thinking about or running towards? This is an important question cause what you treasure most is where your heart is really at. Our God is a jealous God and he doesn't want to share your affection with anything else. We have to come to Him wholehearted or else not at all. The half hearted won't make it, because you have to count the cost before following him. God doesn't want you to have any idol in your life or anything that controls you other then him. Why? because Jesus is all you need. What you need is an encounter with Him. Why? Because if you have tasted him and seen him you are never the same. In fact you become very much in love and you could say addicted to Jesus. He is so beautiful that nothing will ever satisfy you again. The more you get to know him the more you love him and the more you want to know him deeper. So go on. Why don't you ask Jesus to reveal more of himself to you today. He really is what your looking for. He is pure love and you should taste and see that the lord is good. His is so so good. You will see! Go deeper into him today and seek him with all your heart, the bible says that if you seek him with all your heart you will find him. God promised that to you. So take the plunge and seek, cry and ask to go deeper into his love and all of him today.You won't be the same again.